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Zaria heralds a new day, a new beginning, a new awakening...

[Thu 12.1.2017] Crossroads - Folk Metal concert with M.A.I.M.
Razpotja Zaria are preparing a special concert for all you fans of symphonic and folk metal, which will also be the last concert we are going to play together with our singer Inez. For all who want to see the band play in its original lineup it’s a must see. One last time we are going to delve into the memories of our joint creativity and bring you an unforgettable experience. As guest we are proud to present the Italian folk metal merrymakers M.A.I.M. from Belluno, which is a place known for its breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and huge amounts of alcohol consumed by the locals. All this is embodied in M.A.I.M.’s music and energetic live performances which are guaranteed not to leave you cold. They further prove their excellence by their participation in international festivals and also our beloved Metaldays. We have shared the stage with them many times and can personally guarantee that you are in for one wild night. Welcome! Entrance fee: 5€ Facebook

[Thu 5.1.2017] Crossroads
Inez The nature of existence is such that everything comes to an end, and so we too have reached a milestone beyond which lies a new era of our creativity – an era without our Inez. Our singer, flute player, one of the founding members, and friend is leaving Zaria due to personal reasons. The remaining members wish her all well and good on her further path, which we will be watching with interest. But worry not! Zaria endures and rushes towards new challenges full speed. From this moment on we are on the lookout for new members who will help fill the void left by Inez. Every ending brings an opportunity for something new and so we gaze towards our future with optimism. We will play one last live concert with Inez, the date of which will be made known soon. This will help write a fitting end to the story we have shared. And after that we go boldly on. Into the unknown! Facebook

[Tue 10.11.2015] Video release of Pozabljeni svet
Videospot And we have it! Together we have been able to set another milestone along our path. Our fist music video shines in all its glory and we are extremely happy to be finally able to share it with you. A special thanks goes to the members of Warehouse Collective, who have really done an outstanding job and helped us create this beautiful video. Thank you Matevž Jerman, Matevž Kocjan, Darej Šömen, Luka Furlan, Vera Kocjančič Pahor, and Mitja Klodič. Now, since a picture is worth a thousand words, and a tape perhaps even more, turn down the lights, crank up the speakers and enjoy the video! Youtube

[Thu 30.04.2015] Valhalla Metal Festival 2015
Valhalla We'll play at Valhalla Metal Festival in Zagreb (Croatia), on Friday May 8th 2015. Croatian folk metal bands Svarica in Stribog will play as well. Facebook

[čet 16.04.2015] Review of album Po poti življenja on Progwereld
Progwereld Read the review of our album Po poti življenja on Dutch progressive and symphonic rock website Facebook

[pet 16.01.2015] Concert in Belgium
Concert in Belgium This February we are going to play outside the borders of our homeland for the first time! Our fist concert abroad is going to take place on 20th February at the club Gasolina in Waregem, Belgium. The concert will be hosted by Angeli di Pietra. See you there! Facebook

[Fri 19 Dec 2014] The album PO POTI ŽIVLJENJA (Upon the Trail of Life) is released
Po poti življenja Yesterday we celebrated our first full-length album release with a concert in Orto bar, Ljubljana. You can order your cd on and on our Facebook page. You can also order a digital copy at Bandcamp. Price: 10€, 8€ digital copy. Bandcamp

[Wed 10 Dec 2014] DIVJA JAGA - from upcoming album Po poti življenja (Upon the Trail of Life)
Divja jaga Just one week remains until the grand release, and we have decided, to share with you another song from our upcoming debut album “Po poti življenja”. This time we reveal a slightly darker song touching upon the folklore of the Wild Hunt – a fearful chase through the deepest woods and darkest of nights. Especially for you: Divja jaga! Youtube

[Mon 24 Nov 2014] Album teaser: PO POTI ŽIVLJENJA and release date
Po poti življenja The last piece of the mosaic has fallen in place and with it, we reveal to you the release date of our album "Po poti življenja". It shall first see the light of day on our next concert, which will take place on the 18th of December 2014 in Orto bar, as a part of Kadilnica Of Death event, featuring AlterFiction as our guests. The release will mark a new milestone on our path, and we can hardly wait to reach it with your help. See you there! Youtube

[Mon 27 Oct 2014] New album: PO POTI ŽIVLJENJA (Upon the Trail of Life)
Po poti življenja Quite some time has passed since we took to the studio in the early spring. After all this waiting, we can finally reveal some of the details about our coming album. We can now say with a fair amount of certainty that it is going to be released somewhere near the winter solstice. Eleven new tracks will take you on a journey through tales, adventures, victories, defeats, laughter, tears ... It is thus only appropriate, that we call our new album "Po poti življenja" which translates to "Upon the Trail of Life". But wait, there's more! Along with the title of the album, we are also revealing the cover art, which is to proudly adorn it. More details to follow soon! Facebook

Photo by Nejc Pavlič Photography