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The dawn merged the tenderness of voice with the grandeur of harmonies. The beating of Mother Earth’s heart granted us rhythm, adorned with the sounds of the modern world... Rumbling rises from the deep, enchanting melodies sound faintly in the distance. Let desire lead you, and the purpose shall be revealed... Hark!

Members of Zaria give great meaning to lyrics. Written in their mother tongue, they convey stories told by life. Nika’s drums give rhythm to their hearts, and are enriched by the mighty crunch of guitars, wielded by Miha and Jakob. The sound is empowered by the deep notes of Rok’s bass, and given grace by the fingers of the keyboard-player Gašper and and the voice of Inez, telling us stories...


Po poti življenja [2014] (Lyrics)
Sij obzorja (EP) [2013] (Lyrics)

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